The “Position Your Bucket” Program

Will Change Your Life

As groundbreaking as “The Law of Attraction” was, it only told us part of the story.

Einstein explained it best. There are just a few concepts in the universe. Once you understand these universal “laws” you can change everything.

Are you…

  • A coach, writer, speaker or healer who wants to use your experience, talent and passion more effectively so you can enjoy a better living for yourself and your family, while making a bigger difference in the world?
  • An entrepreneur or solo-preneur who’s been in business for more than a year, yet you are still earning less than $100,000?
  • A professional who is trying to make the leap to a better life and higher income but aren’t sure how to leverage your experience, talent and passion to a better living?

For those of us who are serious about attracting greater wealth and happiness into our lives, 9 universal “constructs” have emerged. These are the glue that binds us to the life we have, and separates us from the life we want. These are immutable laws. Which means, whenever we want to change our life and our destiny, the path lies directly within or through these 9 constructs.

The good news is, we don’t need to work on all nine to activate the change we want in our life. Within each one resides a key to the eternal happiness and success we are seeking.

The POSITION YOUR BUCKET™ program introduces these 9 Constructs and how they influence our life.

Then, unlike conventional training and coaching, it gets us to take action now. Like having a personal trainer, we are gently pushed to apply what we learn. In this way, the program introduces important concepts while moving us toward our desired outcome.

Make No Mistake – This Program is About
Making Money… Plenty of It!

Although the POSITION YOUR BUCKET™ program was created to help you achieve higher enlightenment by identifying and following your core values, make no mistake – this program is about generating personal wealth for yourself, your family, your business and your cause.

Like they say on the airplane, put the breathing mask on yourself first, then put it on your child. Without taking care of yourself first, your ability to make a difference is greatly limited.

That’s why, if you are truly interested in generating greater income while enjoying the life you really want, you owe it to yourself to check out this unique program.