Are You at a Transition Point, Where You’d Finally Like to Start Making BETTER Money from Your Business?

Are you a life coach, business coach or self-employed entrepreneur who’s been in business for at least a year? Have you been troubled because you’d like to make a better living and a bigger difference, but it just doesn’t seem to be happening? Do you find yourself asking these questions…

“Why does it seem so difficult to make a great living?”

“I paid all this money for trainings and coachings, and I’ve done everything they’ve said, but it’s just not working. Would someone just tell me what I’m doing wrong?”

“Could someone please show me how to do this?”

People are paying for seemingly wonderful coaching programs and being left in the lurch. It’s a hoax. They take your money without giving you what you really need.

That’s why I created the Position Your Bucket Institute™. I believe what you really need is…

      • Hands-on training with someone who’s not just a theorist, but who’s worked with real businesses, plenty of them;
      • Someone who won’t abandon you, but will stay with you over a full year, to help make sure you get the support you need to make all the changes, so it will actually pay off for you;
      • Interaction with other coaches just like yourself, so you get the encouragement and support you’ll need to set your career on the right path;
      • Someone who has already built a great coaching business, and who’s personally mentored dozens of coaches just like yourself, and hundreds of entrepreneurs – to realize the life and income they’ve always wanted.


This won’t be a one-hour sales pitch. Instead, I will reveal to you some of the most powerful tools I’ve used, that you can apply almost immediately, to start bringing in more profitable clients who generate even better results and greater satisfaction from working with you.

Of course, at the end of the hour I will tell you about my Position Your Bucket to Catch the Rainfall™ coaching program. Hopefully you will love what you’ve heard enough to join me and so many others on this incredible journey together.

But even if you don’t, my pledge to you is that I will give you some real meat, that you could use almost immediately to help deliver your own coaching business to the heights you’ve always dreamed of.


I’m James I. Bond, a specialist in consumer behavior and behavioral management. I’m also an expert in marketing, management and strategic planning for small and medium sized businesses.

Behavioral Management: For thirteen years I ran one of the West Coast’s most prestigious training and behavioral management firms, employing both PhDs in psychology and organizational development, and consultants from many of the nation’s top consulting organizations. Our clients have included hundreds of individuals from such large organizations as biotech giant Amgen, Gannett Media, Tenet Healthcare, British GE and The Muscular Dystrophy Association, as well as hundreds of smaller firms.

From this experience, I will share with you some easy-to-learn methods we developed for delivering dramatic results to your clients, regardless of their personality and situation, and in ways that will certainly wow them, even beyond what you are currently doing.

Business Development: I’ve also been a workshop chairman for SCORE, the resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration, and a senior counselor for hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

This hands-on experience with such a diverse range of people and situations enables me to provide you with a powerful tool-kit of techniques that will help strengthen your confidence and results, even with the most complicated or difficult of clients that you may face.

In fact, I’ll show you how asking five simple questions will instantly turn you into a business expert in the eyes of just about every client you encounter. It’s easier than most people realize, and you’ll learn how in this exclusive webinar.

The Personal Side: I’m also founder of The Father-Daughter Project™ and author of the breakthrough relationship book, The Secret Life of Fathers.

Perhaps most importantly, I am dad to a son and three daughters in their 20’s, and husband to an amazingly supportive wife, who’s taught me the critical role family and relationships play in our ability to enjoy an emotionally balanced life.

I’ve discovered that without taking care of the personal side of our life as well, whatever success we enjoy can feel empty. On this webinar, I’ll also show you a simple way to help take care of the personal side, while on your journey to the success you desire.


Position Your Bucket to Catch the Rainfall™ is a mentoring program created specifically for life coaches, business coaches and self-employed entrepreneurs. It takes you by the hand and exposes you to a powerful system for attracting the best clients, and facilitating them to achieve important goals faster than they ever imagined.

For Coaches: By adding just a few minutes to your coaching sessions, you will suddenly have clients doing what you say, setting and meeting ambitious commitments, and achieving larger and more valuable personal and professional goals than they expected. Plus, they will be giving you credit for the improved results they start experiencing, often within the first few weeks of their working with you. For everyone else, you will start to see accelerated results for your personal and business goals.

Throughout this year-long program you will be using these techniques on other coaches and entrepreneurs, and they will be using them on you, to build confidence and proficiency so you can generate the income you want while making a real difference in the lives of the people you help.

Remember, this is not a theoretical program. This is about making real money for yourself and your family.

You’ll be given simple systems to use on yourself that enable you to build your business, and that you can apply to your clients almost immediately to help them build their business or personal success.

For All Self-Employed Entrepreneurs: This doesn’t just work on coaches, but on just about any type or size of business or personal situation. I was recently asked to give a short workshop to Psychology PhD graduating students at a major Southern California university, and even they were blown away by some of this.

Testimonials from a recent University presentation.

If you’d like to attend my webinar and learn some powerful tips you can use right now to attract and satisfy great clients, click here for details.